Leanne O'Connor

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Leanne O’Connor is a visual artist and producer based in Birmingham, UK. She is enticed by the hierarchy of remembrance(s) that pervade the archive and collective histories, also the changing face of heritage preservation today, using the artefacts that remain as a response stimulus to shake the dust off these orphaned histories, through the production of sculpture, print and projects that lift these histories up and away from the dust. Latest works are the Whitworth Wallis residency with Birmingham Museums Trust, where she is focusing on a remarkable woman stained glass artist from Smethwick, Sandwell – a Miss Florence Camm. Camm also studiedat Birmingham School of Art in 1896-1912, responding to the Camm collection of Birmingham museum and art gallery and Smethwick heritage centre and archives, working towards a body of sculpture to be exhibited in 2019.